Mann med skjegg lue og hette over lua

In the shadow of prosperity or conflict, the marginalised people in the Israeli society are situated. Every fifth household in Israel receive some kind of social/financial support, but usually these amounts are not sufficient to cover the everyday needs. In a society where living costs are high and social support is low, many people struggle to make the ends meet. 

A study conducted in 2016 show that almost 22% av the Israeli population live in poverty, equalling 1.8 million people. Of all Israeli children, 35.6% are considered living in poverty, and more than 23% of the ones receiving social support say that they often go hungry because they cannot afford to buy food. Poverty is one of the greatest reasons for someone falling out of the society, and the children are harmed the most. 

The largest social need in Israel is connected to vulnerable children suffering from their parents having mental and other challenging conditions. Second, the poverty happens as a result of physical disabilities, old age or medical circumstances. Additionally, a third of the ones who has received social support has experiences sexual abuse. Victims from all these groups need more extensive support than what they receive from the authorities. They need a safe and good place to seek refuge. 

Machaseh is a charity based welfare organisation which conducts diaconal work amongst the most marginalised people in the Israeli society, regardless their religion, culture or ethnicity. The name "Machaseh" means "Shelter" and it seeks to be a shelter for the most vulnerable people in the society. Machaseh welcomes and helps holocaust survivors, woman being victims of trafficking, refugees, homeless, poor, Ethiopian single mothers, drug addicts and people suffering from trauma. They also offer family guidance and education on relationship building. The ministry has enormous positive impact on the individuals.  

We hereby invite you to make a difference for people who really need our support. You can either join as a sponsor  or a participant in the running, to give people a safe and purpose filled daily life.