Interview with Olav Veiteberg

It has become a passion, a way of disconnecting from my daily life.
Olav Veiteberg

Name: Olav Veiteberg

When did you start running?
I started during Junior High, but it really took off five years ago. 

What does running mean to you?
It means a lot! Running has become a passion, a way of disconnecting from my daily life, built on exercising together combined with great comradship! 

In how many Marathons have you participated?
I participated in 5 Half-Marathons

Could you give us a few training tips? 
The first thing I think about is that we have to do things simple and with the right progression. Set realistic goals for yourself and make sure to vary both the underlayers and the routes when you run. Then you will quickly become a flexible runner that can come a long way. Many runners pick up injuries due to too much training in a short time, so be patient and enjoy the progress while you train.

Why did you sign up for the Tel Aviv Marathon? I had actually already booked a ticket to go and visit a friend in Tel Aviv when I learned about "Run For Israel", a charity project facilitated by the Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel (NCMI), which took part in the Tel Aviv Marathon to raise support and awareness for a great cause. Participating through Run For Israel for as easy choice.