Interview with Isabell Aarnes

Running has become an important part of my life, and for me, running means challenging myself and reaching my goals!
Isabell Aarnes posing with medals

Name: Isabel Aarnes

Age: 35 years.

When did you start running: 2013

What does running mean to you: Running has become an important part of my life, and for me, it means challenging myself and reaching my goals. The social aspect of running when I meet other great people is also very important. A major additional bonus is obviously the health benefits that come with the running.

In how many Marathons have you participated: 22 + 7 ultra runs.

Do you have some training tips: I am not a professional, but I think the most important is to define your own goal and motivation. For me, the goal is to run and complete the runs I have planned and to have fun. It's important to train sufficient and to avoid injuries by varying the amount of exercises, duration etc. and ideally you should train general strength focusing on the core muscles. Competitions can be a good way of keeping up the motivation in the training.  

Why did you sign up for the Tel Aviv Marathon: I have been thinking that I should start participating in races abroad, but haven't done it so far. When the opportunity appeared to be part of the Tel Aviv Marathon I had no doubts. I like new challenges.